Chieko  is a cellist, composer, vocalist and interdisciplinary artist from Amsterdam with Brazilian/Japanese roots. 


Her musical journey began as a classical cellist, starting at 14 in the Young Talent programme of the Conservatory of Amsterdam where she was playing with members of the Concertgebouw Orchestra, learned to conduct orchestras and got a thorough classical training. 

Always trying to find her own voice in music as a creative artist, she started two Masters in Jazz, improvisation and Latin American music, freeing herself from the boundaries of classical music.

This resulted in her unique way of playing the cello and voice in improvisation, leading to tours in Europe, Asia, artistic residencies in Brazil and an invitiation to EuroJazz festival in Mexico. 


In 2022 she got commissioned to write new work for her Chieko Collective on a radio broadcasted première as the New Creator  for Grachtenfestival. Later that year, she won the Dias Latinos Award for her work with her collective.

Since then, she has been invited to play on National television several times and a documentary will be made about her.


With her heart in interdisciplinairy collaborations, she has created extensively with dancers, theatre, poets and visual artists. She loves composing for film and has scored several movies and documentaries.